Beautiful Documentation for Build Rules

Stardoc is an easy-to-use documentation generator for Bazel build rules written in Starlark.

(Stardoc is replacement of the **deprecated** documentation generator tool named "Skydoc")

Get Started with Stardoc Take me to (deprecated) Skydoc documentation instead

Python docstrings

Document your Starlark rules alongside their definition.

my_rule = rule(
    implementation = _my_rule_impl,
    doc = """
Example rule documentation.

  Here is an example of how to use this rule.
    attrs = {
        "srcs" : attr.label_list(
            doc = "Source files used to build this target.",
        "deps" : attr.label_list(
            doc = "Dependencies for this target.",

Convenient Build Rules

Stardoc's own convenient Bazel build rules making it to integrate Stardoc into your build or release pipeline.


    name = "checkstyle-docs",
    input = "checkstyle.bzl",
    out = "checkstyle_doc.md",
$ bazel build :checkstyle-docs

Beautiful Documentation

Generate documentation in Markdown.